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When I launched Max Velocity Fitness in 2016, I envisioned it as a place where people could become happier and healthier so they could enjoy all the activities they love without pain. I've been fortunate to help hundreds of people in our community do just that. But it doesn't stop when they walk out of the gym. With world-class support and accountability - and the simplest and most successful private nutrition coaching program in the world - our clients thrive inside and outside the studio.

From Columnist To Coach

As a professional sports columnist for 25 years, I spent time around some of the most successful athletes who've ever lived. From Michael Jordan to LeBron James ... from Kobe Bryant to Steph Curry ... I had a front-row seat to some of the greatest athletic performers the world has ever known.

But what I've learned is, their on-court performances were simply the end result of countless hours of training, preparation, nutrition practices and recovery. Without that focused time spent taking care of their bodies, none of their accomplishments would've been possible.

And the same holds true for you ... and me.

After helping hundreds of people in our community achieve a higher level of health and fitness than they ever thought possible, what I’ve found is that most of them – especially those over 40 – have always felt awkward and out of place at the gym. They’re also tired of boring cardio workouts and extreme fitness programs that only leave them feeling exhausted and injured.

What they really want is a simple, sustainable program focused on gaining strength, improving flexibility, and avoiding pain. You know ... the same kind of simple, effective, no-nonsense plan that the most successful professional athletes have always followed.

They think the problem is that they lack discipline and willpower … or that they’re getting too old to keep up or fit in at the gym. So they end up making excuses not to go – like, “I’m too busy.” Or worse, they keep going back to bootcamp, buying gym memberships they never use, and bouncing from one diet to the next without getting any results.

But the real problem is, they’ve never been shown the best way to get stronger, feel younger, and avoid pain … or had a coach guide them through all the steps so they can stick with it and finally enjoy the health, confidence and vitality they deserve.

If you're ready to try a different approach -- one that actually works and meets you where you are -- get your FREE Action Plan below. We'll design your roadmap to success in 10 minutes flat, and you'll decide if I'm a good fit to be your guide.


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